Monday, October 24, 2005

What Works?

We subscribe to the Metiri Web Site.

It gives rating for each software solution in 4 categories:
"Can't Recommend", "Inconclusive", "Promising", & their highest rating "What Works"

Here are how some of our instructional software rates:
AR (Inconclusive)
Larson Math PreAlgebra & Algebra (Can't Recommend)
AutoSkill Academy of Reading (Promising)
Cognitive Tutor (Promising)
Read Naturally (Inconclusive)
Fast ForWord (What Works)

...are all reviewed on this site...

"Are you grappling with how to get a return on your technology investments- a return in higher student performance? Do you want to inform your decision making about technology with sound, reliable research? Are you also finding it difficult to locate research pertinent to your interests, and even more difficult to know which research findings are valid and significant-and which are not? If so, the Technology Solutions That Work (TSW) Database is just the tool you need. It puts the research at your fingertips and provides an in-depth, unbiased analysis of each study. You can also take a look at a range of technology-based learning strategies along with a summary of all the studies conducted about it to date. Tap into its resources to determine which research findings to factor into your school's technology plans. Increase your confidence that you are investing your technology resources wisely."

Each builidng was given 2 group tokens through principals last year one for the BLS & one for the Principal.

Our Group token is: C18-WA.

Try it before you buy.


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