Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who Do I Call @ ITC?

8600 Help Desk
When you need help with a technology problem. You can also email “Help”. Your building OST may also be able to help.

8750 Shaun Taylor, Directory of Technology

All ITC staff are under his direct authority. If you have a technology issue that is not being resolved to your satisfaction he is the one to contact. Shaun controls the ITC Budget & the 14 million dollar Technology budget.

8909 Roy Knox, Assistant Director of Technology Infrastructure
He supervises Helpdesk, On-Site Techs, repair, phones, and equipment. Rob Luthy Gene Seibold & Gerald Green work for Roy.

8630 Jay McSweeney, Assistant Director of Technology Information Systems
He supervises all Network systems, PADS, and development. Mike Litt, Lonnie Moore, and Nick Doben all work for Jay.

8673 Bill Zimmerman, Information Systems Coordinator
Recently hired to replace JoAnne Kendrick. He works for Jay.

8671 Russ Telling, Bond Technology Project Manager
He reports to Shaun and his work has been focused on project management of all bond projects.

8631 Chris Tillman, Customer Service Manager
She handles all purchasing, ordering, and inventory. Becky Schimdt works for her.

8750 Jodi Conzatti, Office Manager
She provides valued clerical support for Shaun Taylor and all of ITC.


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