Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rick Rigsby

"I come from a predominantly black family"...Rick Rigsby

"At Texas A&M many students come to college for a degree not an education."

"Ego is the anthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity"

"We've sanctioned mediocracy"

"Our kids just want to be entertained."

"Make an impact not just an impression."

Lessons from a 3rd grade Dropout
Rick gave us some lessons he learned from a 3rd grade dropout ...his dad.
Don't judge based on what you see.
Don't be so quick to Judge
Better be an hour early than a minute late
Discipline must be modeled
I used to weigh 404 pouunds, I'm now down to 280 pounds...I could make love to a bucket of chicken.
Kind deeds are never lost.
People follow kindness.
Always look for people you can help
If your going to do a job do it right

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  • I attended the 2007 FFA convention where Mr. Rigsby spoke. he gave an amazing speech full of great life lessons we all should know.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:11 PM  

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