Monday, December 26, 2005

Top 10 Map Apps of 2005

My Favorite Map Sites of 2005

10 Google Maps (Local)
In some areas you can see you own house!

9 Virtual Earth & Windows Live Local
Special Birds Eye view...Spectacular!

8 A9
Amazon's photos from a van of selected areas.

7 NASA Worldwind
Great for scientific data!

6 Frappr
Start a group and start mapping

5 Your Gmap
Make a map for your website.

4 USA Photo Maps
Topo & Satelite comparisons.

3 Flash Earth
Neave Labs are awesome!

2 Wayfaring
Cool way to tag pictures to a map.

1 Google Earth
Still simply the best!

What's your favorite map app?


  • That's a great list. If I was to take a guess at what 2006's list might look like, I'd expect some very interesting mashups using Google Maps to just into the list. I'm also expecting MSN to better integrate their pictometry data into their site, making it more usable and interesting.

    By Anonymous Ed Kohler, at 8:53 AM  

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