Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pioneer Room Improvements

Over the next 2 days Saxton Bradley will be working in the Pioneer Room @ ESC.
They are installing new equipment: 1 Smart Board, Sound Field System, & ceiling mounted projectors (2 needed for a room this size).

This equipment matches the new Tech Ed Spec for the typical new classrooms @ #22 #23 & #7 KJH & AJH.

The Pioneer room is our district's "classroom". This will be a fantastic test opportunity prior to installing a much larger quantity of similar equipment in the new schools. The design is based on a similar mock classroom project we did last spring at WOO, KJH, FJH, & BRO.

We'll add this same equipment to the Evergreen room on December 9.

Other districts are ahead of us in using this equipment to equip classrooms. New Tacoma Elem #37 has this same set up in every classroom and Bellevue has begun installing this setup in every classroom.

You'll be getting more info on how to use this equipment for your meetings at ESC very soon, this will also give you a chance to see and explore some of new technologies available for our classrooms today.


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