Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Basmati, SWIFT & Edline

Should we consider the Standards Based Version Beta Testing of Easy Grade Pro 4.0 ?
Should we consider Excelsior or find another way to post grades on-line?
Should we look at the AJH way or the SJH way or the ERHS way?

Other options include:
SWIFT (Simplified Web Interface for Teachers) by PSESD 121
Classroom Website Tool Just for Teachers which creates a comprehensive, interactive classroom website in minutes, a browser-based content management system designed exclusively for teachers. No new software installations or training is needed — you can build your site from any computer with Internet access.
Built-in features such as a calendar, quiz builder and a discussion board make it simple to create an interactive classroom site that is a dynamic communications tool for you, your students and parents. With SWIFT, it is easy to quickly build a comprehensive and interactive site for your classroom. Knowledge of HTML or additional software is not required! With SWIFT, student learning can continue outside the classroom and you can keep parents involved with what is taking place in the classroom.

SWIFT Schools:
Mercer Island SD Tahoma SD Tacoma SD Highline SD

SWIFT Costs: $18,500 to start with ongoing annual maintenance of 18%

Basmati (Academic Progress Software for the Internet) supported by NWESD 189
Basmati is a set of open-source PHP scripts that allows parents, students, and teachers to privately view classroom grades via the internet. Basmati interfaces with Orbis Software's Easy Grade Pro. Basmati is a program developed by Jim Bassett, a teacher in the Arlington School District. Basmati securely displays student grades to the Internet by working with Easy Grade Pro. After Basmati is installed and set up, students and parents can view student grades online at any time, from school or from home, with a private and secure login/password combination. The software is very easy to use and requires only brief training.
The Basmati software must be installed on a web server and teachers must have access to that server through a Internet connection. Districts have several options for hosting Basmati software: they can have the software installed on a district server which they are responsible for, they can subscribe to the ESD189 Basmati hosting, or they can choose one of the other Basmati hosting sites.

Basmati Schools
Blaine SD Edmonds SD Ferndale SD Issaquah SD Kent SD Lakewood SD Lake Stevens SD Lynden SD Mount Vernon SD Nooksack SD Oak Harbor SD Renton SDSan Juan SD

Basmati Costs: Free Open Source with Optional Hosting fees of $520 annually

Provides website hosting and portal solution for K12 schools. At Edline, they help schools improve the information flow between parents, students, and teacher by tapping into our Pentamation information and posting that information on the internet.

Edline Schools:
Clark County Nevada

Edline Costs:
$2 per kid per year. $40,000 annually


  • I would add that SWIFT has the ability to post grades from Easy Grade Pro as well.

    By Anonymous Kevin Hasslinger, at 3:16 PM  

  • As another free option, you might consider Online Grades. It does "everything" that Basmati does (since it was based off of Basmati), plus adds support for new features like Parent Logins and Per class Memos. There is more info at http://www.onlinegrades.org/ .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:33 AM  

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