Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Day of eLearning

Anne Allen & Conn McQuinn did a fantastic job of hosting a fun day of exploring eLearning @ Puget Sound ESD 121 .

I first started with a demonstration by Ryan LeClaire and his Cyber School in the Peninsula SD. They hire a .4 cert to manage their 8 Cyber classes.

Next was Rob Howie a .2 retire/rehire teacher from Monroe SD. He manages 30 - 40 kids and their online learning using Apex. He had used for 3 years and switched to Apex because it was "better and cheaper."

Tony Benjamins talked about School Messenger, a parent notification product that is able to call or send emails to parents.

Kim Scacco-Morton from Yakima demonstrated how she uses the A+ nywhere system with her students. Although she was very knowledgeable and enthusiatic, this was the most difficult product for me to grasp of the day.

Martin Fromme demonstrated the new comotiv communication tool. It is a glorified chat system for grown ups and seems to have some fantastic possibilities for on-line file editting.

Finally, the best presentation of the day came from Aimee Miner from Shoreline SD. This is a product Puyallup should buy!

All in all, the showcase was well worth our time. Betsy Fletcher, Jeremy Tvedt, and Nina Williams also saw presentations on Cognitive Tutor, ePals, Orchard, Weatherbug, Facts on File & Quizdom. In the end, as always, I had a great time just hanging out with my team, they are awesome!


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