Friday, November 25, 2005

Top 20 EduBlogs Follow up

It is interesting to see that in just 3 days 20 folks have posted the "Top 20 EduBlogs" list to their bookmark account.

This speaks volumns about the messenger and the audience. It's apparent that Petershiem is respected and has a large readership...why he/she was reading Where's Glenn I'll never know. It also points to the need to be very careful with what you read and what you publish on the web.

Nevertheless, John was on to something when he created that list of 20 edublogs on his wiki.

The reaction to my post illustrates the desire for a definitive & authoritative Top 20 EduBlogs list. Most folks want to cut to the chase and not wade through the "Where's Glenn" Blog crap. They need to get right to the meat of the content, the good stuff...or do they? and what rubric do we use? Is blog analyse based on content? style? what?... Josie Frasier and James Farmer provide 10 categories but no criteria, the rubric is up to you. But at least its better than nothing...oh wait we do have The "Where's Glenn" Top 20 EduBlogs and you already know how that got started.


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