Thursday, November 24, 2005

Top 20 Edublogs

The world is flat!

Here’s my recent encounter with the "steroids" Friedman describes as flattener #10.

Last week I posted a list of what I called the “Top 20 EduBlogs” on a blog called “Where’s Glenn”. The list of 20 was remixed from John Pederson’s wiki in Minnesota.

Within a few days my post was found by 1000’s and reposted around the world.

From Germany Petersheim writes:

Einige Bekannte, vielleicht ist der Begriff auch unscharf - auf jeden Fall scheint dies ein Stoff für lange Winterabende zu sein. Was ist eigentlich mit den deutschsprachigen Edublogs?

From Sweden Fredrik Paulsson writes:

This list is however not complete since is not there.

From Australia James Farmer writes:

This as one of the top 20 edublogs… c’mon, lay off the arse-suckery and get your nominations into the edublog awards!

From Portugal Antonio Granado writes:

"Aqui ESTÁ uma interessante lista dos Top 20 EduBlogs."

From Venezuela Alfredo Ascanio writes:

"Estos son los mejores 20 blogs dedicados al tema de la educación."
From Ireland Miriam Metzgar writes:

Nice, balanced and considered thoughts on learning and technology with particular relevance to Elementary level education in Ireland.

From Canada George Siemens writes:

…while I agree with the names on the list (my connectivism blog included :)), there are so many excellent edu-tech bloggers, I would have a hard time narrowing it down to 20.

From New Zealand Brent writes:

Well, i'm going to add my blog to the list, not because it's offered any great insights into education or been all that popular amongst the blogoshpere heavyweight edubloggers, but to my credit I have been blogging longer than most: fist post, Jan. 2004.

From Australia Tama Leaver writes:

My edublog is new, but seems to fit on the list.

From Minnesota John Pederson writes:

A few weeks ago I put a list of 20 edublogs out on my wiki with some directions for newbies to import them into Bloglines. I never intended it to be a “Top 20″ list. It looks like the list got a little “remix” over here, and has sparked a little conversation.

From Bangalore, India Rishu Khushu writes:

The Learned Man seems to be a good one too.

By the end of the day 2462 bloggers from around the world had read and many responded to my post on my blog written in my bedroom in Graham, Washington.

WOW! The world really is flat and getting flatter everyday.


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