Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Top Ten Tech Tools of 2005

My Personal Favorite Tech Tools of 2005
(These aren't necessarily new)

10 Quizdom Personal Response Clickers
I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea yet...but they do offer engagement.

Califone Presentation Pro Speaker PA 300
Laptop speakers just don't work in a large group.

Casio Exilim Digital Camera
My personal favorite digital camera. Small and power in the same package.

Keyspan Presentation Remote
You can even use it while in your pocket.

Smart Board 660 Interactive Whiteboard
These have been around for years, why didn't I use one before?

AVerMedia AVerVision D-cam
Now everyone can see the "show & tell".

Hitachi Multimedia Projector
I've always loved a big screen TV. D-cams and interactive whiteboards don't work without this piece.

HP Compaq nx 7010
I use this laptop daily.

Treo 650 Smartphone
Phone, calendar, & camera plus the internet anywhere I go.

Audio Enhancment Sound Field Systems
The only tool on this list that has solid research connected to student achievement.

Missing but not Forgotten:
Digital Video Camera
Kid Witness News rocks!
Wireless Access Point
Connectivity baby!
Listen to podcasts, music or books on the road...now even video.
Garmin Etrex GPS Receiver
Geocaching "Where you are the search engine"

What's your Tech Tool of the year?


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