Friday, January 13, 2006

EGP on Friday the 13th

Yesterday, Executive Director of Elementary Student Learning Colleen Shields and I met with Tom Pauley the founder of Orbis Software and developer and publisher of Easy Grade Pro.

Tom started his teaching career as a Science Teacher here in Puyallup at Kalles Junior High. During our meeting he recalled the day that Puyallup Schools then Tech Director Tim McKamey asked him to develop a grade book for Puyallup teachers and today his award winning product is used around the globe.

Our teachers love EGP. Puyallup has used EGP longer than any other district. In fact, Tom continues to live and have children in our schools; and yet, through no fault of Tom we have not had as strong a relationship with Tom as Seattle or Las Vegas Schools, we even considered changing grade books recently. Why?

Communication! Educators, specifically EGP users, had not been asked to communicate their needs and desires with Tom directly and consequently limiting assumptions were made about the capabilities of his product.

After our meeting with Tom yesterday, I predict that is all going to change. Tom has a new standards based version of his report card we'd like to begin beta testing and I could see us rebuildng our relationship with Orbis and our local hero in the grade book world.

Have you used EGP?


  • I have always been impressed with Easy Grade Pro (Tom Pauley) and I am delighted that Puyallup is going to pilot Easy Grade Pro 4.0! I hope this program will allow teachers to easily send progress reports to parents and continue with the proactive communication we all crave in Puyallup.

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