Monday, January 09, 2006

Right Brainers

Hey Right Brainers!

Dipankar Subba
from Singapore put together this Free Mind mind map of Daniel Pink's book "A Whole New Mind".

He also wrote this review for Left Brainers.

The Dawning Age of The Right Brain
Listen to Tom Ashbrook from NPR's "On Point" interview Daniel Pink. To get to the 40 minute interview fast forward to 6:50.

Another Nice Review
Alex Pang from Relevant History gives another Left Brain review.

Right Brain Webinar
Bridges Transition offers this Right Brain 68 minute webcast presentation with Daniel Pink which includes a Flash presentation for the American School Counselors Association.

Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk
Here's the first Left Brain review I read on this book back in August. Mr. Johnson spiked my interest in the book by way of his excellent review. He also offered this follow up in October.

Daniel Pink has his own blog here.

Should you read this book?...duh...No Brainer.


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