Friday, December 30, 2005

Top Ten Top Ten Lists of 2005

Finally, here's my last Top 10 List.

The Top 10 Top Ten List which highlights the best Top Ten lists of 2005,

Top 10 lists are a staple of a culture obsessed with ranking things,
yet in recent years the ubiquitous best-movie, -book and -music lists
have become so baffling it seems as though their only goal is to
eclipse the Top 10 lists of other critics. Still, lists can tell us
much about ourselves -- our obsessions, anxieties and passions. Our Top
10 List of Lists hopes to capture the essence of 2005 by compiling the
year's most superlative, truly notable, absolutely blue-ribbon cultural

My personal favorite list,

#3 Top Ten Global YouthSpeak Words

10 S'up

9 Brill!
In the U.K., the shortened form of "brilliant!"

8 Fundoo

In India, Hindi for "cool."

7 Fully

In Australia, an intensive, as in "fully sick."

6 Bizznizzle
"business" Snoop Dogg/Sean John, as in "None of your bizznizzle!"

5 Props

Cheers, as in "He gets mad props!"

4 Mad

A lot, as in "She has mad money."

3 A'ight

All right, as in "That girl is nice, she's a'ight."

2 Mang

Variation of "man," as in "S'up, mang?"

1 Crunk

A Southern variation of hip hop music; also meaning "fun" or "amped."


Happy New Year!


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