Monday, January 02, 2006

Computer Theft...Take Precautions

This reminder from Scott Brittian the principal at Rogers High School.
Ram Review
Computer Thefts - Sometime this past weekend (Dec 30 - Jan 2) we had one of our office computers stolen. We lost a laptop, Monitor, Docking station, and Power supply. Other buildings in our district were also "hit". Pierce County is investigating the matter. In the meantime, we need all staff members to do a complete inventory of all their computer equipment. If you are missing any equipment, please contact one of the administrators immediately. Also, if you hear anything please let an adminstrator or security know so we can follow up. We will be working with Pierce County and the District and will keep you informed as we hear updates.

Finally, it is a good reminder to verify that all your computer equipment is secured to your desk and/or locked up. If you need us to drill a hole in your cabinet or desk to help secure your equipment please let one of the adminstrators know and we can get that done as soon as possible. Also, verify and record the serial number of all equipment checked out to you. While we have it on record at TSC, it helps the investigation if we have it on hand here at Rogers in case something comes up stolen.
How does your district handle theft?


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