Monday, January 16, 2006

Inspiration was an Inspiration

Each of our 1,200 teachers in our district have a laptop computer. As a part of the software package we have included Inspiration. Last week, I had the opportunity to watch our famous and incredible Instructional Tech team teach their first Inspiration class.

They are an amazing group of teachers on special assignment that have been hired to design, develop, prepare and provide quality staff development to the teachers of our district.

Last night's inspiring Inspiration class was yet another reminder of their talent.

Betsy, Brenda, Jeremy and Will you do great work!

Inspiration is cool too!

Student and teachers can use the graphic organizer to represent concepts and relationships or use the outline feature for reports.

Wikipedia has a great collection of Mind map resources including links to Free Mind a free open source mind mapping software.

Later this week I'll get to observe our Kidspiration class.


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