Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Off Topic but On My Mind

My daughter Christi was born on 12/14/83 and in her Baby Book I was given the task of highlighting a few of the major events of the year of her birth. You’ll find on my page in big bold letters SEAHAWKS get new coach & draft Curt Warner from Penn State! That year they missed going to the Super Bowl by one game. They’ve never gone as far since that year until now.

My daughter is now 22 and she’s done well, she’ll probably be an elementary teacher next year and I’m very proud of her!

My Seahawks have been disappointing. I have always cheered for them and watched them faithfully but the excitement that was created that year in 1983 has not yet fully returned until now!

Ah those were the days….

1983 Seahawks
Great New Coach
Coach Ground Chuck Knox

Great Running Backs!
RB Curt Warner 1,449 Yards (Rookie)
RB Dr. Dan Doornink

Great Quarterbacks!
QB Jim Zorn
QB David Krieg (Jim’s Backup)

Great Receivers!
WR Steve Largent (Hall of Fame)
WR Paul Johns (Punt return Specialist)
TE Mike Tice (Recently Fired Vikings Head Coach)

Great Kicker!
K Norm Johnson

Great Line!
C Blair Bush
G Reggie McKenzie (Blocked for OJ Simpson)

Great Defense!
DT Joe Nash
DE Manu Tuiasosopo
DE Jacob Green
DB Kenny Easley
DB Paul Moyer
LB Michael Jackson
DB Dave Brown (Past away last week)

Wild Card Beat Denver 31-7
Divisional Beat Miami 27-20
Conference Lost Raiders 30-14

Go Hawks!


  • and yet you won't spring for tickets to support your beloved team! What kind of fan are you?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:55 PM  

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