Thursday, February 09, 2006

Geocaching @ NCCE

2 men played 5 games of checkers and they each won 3.

Please explain...(see Bransford keynote for answer below)
Glenn's Day @ NCCE
7:00am Breakfast @ Denny's With Beth, Rudy & Nick

8:00am Geocaching Booth Setup:
Coolest Thing I Learned: fratal, pdxmarathonman, and CharlieWhiskey are great people!

8:30 Handhelds for School Administrators by Karen Fasimpaur
Coolest Thing I Learned: How to share files using Bluetooth! Duh, what took me so long to figure that out?

9:45 Keynote Dr. John Bransford
Learning Theories and Technology for the Twenty First Century: Issues and Opportunities
Coolest Thing I Learned: Hantano's Efficiency & Innovation Balance (answer: they didn't play each other)

12:00 Lunch @ Lloyd Center w/ Gary & Mark Arbys Yum

1:00 Gizmos, Gadgets and High Tech Toys by Alan Walker
Coolest Thing I Learned: USB gadgets are ridiculous and many

2:15 I have a Bunch of Digital Pictures, Now What? by Conn McQuinn
Coolest Thing I Learned: Conn can present at NCCE in Portland from his desk in Renton

3:30 Blogging, Podcasting, and other cool things you really should know by Karen Fasimpaur
Coolest Thing I Learned: Never trust technology, especially during a technology conference.

6:30 Portland Spirit Flagship Yacht
Coolest Thing I Learned: David Guertin, Coordinator of Instructional Tech in Central Kitsap can't read this blog from his desk at work because his district blocks blogger and all other blogs.

11:23 Blog Entry...Good night

Only one more day...


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