Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm a Geo Geek

I'll admit it...I'm a GeoGeek!

I love GPS receivers, I love orienteering, I love maps, in fact I studied cartography, geography and anthropology with thoughts of a career in city planning back in the day.

I still enjoy geo-applications and I have quite a collection or resources located at Porta Portal.
I'd love to add your favs to that list.

You may have seen my Top 10 Maps Apps highlighted at Google Maps Mania.

As an educator I see great promise for these technologies in our schools. Bernie Dodge, WebQuest creator agrees and at NECC in Philly last summer he predicted this area will have a huge impact on our schools. It was also fun to hear that Bernie is a Geocacher!

Recently, I've been interested in combining photos with maps and the Google Earth Blog pointed me to Panoramio. This free resource allows you to combine pics and google earth!

This is a killer app for a GeoGeek like me! I think you'll like it too.


  • It's nice to hear you like Panoramio. If you have any suggestion feel free to contact us or post in the forum.


    Eduardo Manchón

    By Anonymous Eduardo Manchón, at 6:47 AM  

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