Thursday, January 19, 2006

Learning from my Cubicle

Steve Dembo over at Teach42 mentioned a free webinar sponsored by Discovery Learning back on 1/3.

"Bloggin Betsy" Fletcher took the initiative to get me and others from our district registered to participate in yesterday's EdTech Connect's "Media for Motivating Minds" with Hall Davidson.

It was fabulous & well attended; easily meeting the 200 participant limit.

Discovery Education has launched this new free Webinar series to help teachers integrate media and technology into the classroom.

Like other webinars I participated from my desk at my office.

Hall Davidson, renown education keynote speaker and expert in education technology, gave us a quick 1 hour walk-through of the incredible wealth of teaching media resources available on the internet -- videos, images, sounds, music, speeches, and projects!

Even though our district has a unitedstreaming subscription, I liked that Hall's focus was on mostly free resources available to all teachers.

I love the idea of using & creating video content with kids; in fact it was the focus of my seldom read master thesis back in 1989. As a teacher, I created video content with my students in 4th grade using Print Shop, video cameras, and an Apple IIgs with a video overlay card! As a principal I have been involved in creating closed circuit TV stations in 2 elementary schools using the materials and equipment supplied by Panasonic's KWN program. After today's webinar, I'm amazed at how much easier it is to create and publish quality video content with students in today's digital world and this approach continues to offers an incredible "engagement" factor to "Motivate Minds".

Thanks Discovery for this free learning opportunity. Great job Hall.
An archived version will be available after Jan. 18th.

I'll replay this one and look forward to the next one!


  • Bloggin' Betsy did a great job with this project!

    By Blogger JER, at 2:22 PM  

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