Monday, January 23, 2006

Evangelizing the Blessings of Blogging

I have been working with administrators to catch the bloggin are the results so far:

Elementary Principal, Marc Brouilett

The Explorer

Director of Student Learning, Brian Fox


PSD Music

PSD Social Studies

PSD Highly Capable

Executive Director of Secondary School Leadership, Casey Cox

Chunks and Fragments

ELL Coordinator, Andrew Vinerski

Puyallup ELL K-12

High School Principal, Scott Brittain

RHS Digital Portfolio

PSD Ram Review

Building Learning Specialist, Nick Hedman

Firgrove Book Study

Diversity in Schools

Elementary Principal, Arturo Gonzalez

Spinning Events Calendar

Spinning Staff Bulletin

Spinning Highlights

Spinning Staff News

Building Learning Speicialist, David Sunich

Professional Growth Central

Director of Student Learning, Lori Hadley

Read for Life

Director of CTE, Shelly Calligan

Puyallup CTE

Executive Director Elementary Student Learning, Colleen Sheilds

Math in PSD

Executive Director of Secondary Student Learning, Leska Wetterauer

Secondary Student Learning

I'm using the strategy of starting with the adult leaders first and then working my way to the teachers and then to the students...what's your approach to evangelize the blessings of blogging?


  • I hope Marc will add Instructional Technology's blogs to his list.

    We have:

    Information from Instructional Technology for PSD

    Instructional Technology's Inspiration blog created for PSD Inspiration users

    Instructional Technology's Kidspiration blog created for PSD Kidspiration users

    By Blogger Betsy's Blog, at 5:14 PM  

  • Great job getting so many of your administrators blogging, Glenn! Hopefully these experiences will help them better understand the vision for and support classroom blogs including student work.

    By Blogger Wesley Fryer, at 5:18 PM  

  • I have converted each of our program directors' web sites into a blog format. At first, they will likely use it just as a web-based CMS, but I anticipate that many will start blogging when presented with the tool, examples, and encouragement. You've certainly done a great job with your approach.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 7:06 PM  

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