Friday, March 17, 2006

Recruiting Teachers

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in our district's recruiting MiniConference. If you're a reader looking for a great place to work and you don't already work in Puyallup here's your chance.

We had 350 recruits come to 15 minute screening interviews. In addition, we offered 17 sessions that told candidates why they'd want to work for us.

Topics included:
  • Salary & Contract - Puyallup has one of the best in Washington
  • Affordable Housing - Our area is growing and housing is much cheaper here than in most of the surrounding areas

The reason I was invited was to talk about the Tech Tools package we provide every teacher.

In Puyallup every instructional space includes:
  • Every teacher has a laptop, over 1200 issued.
  • Every teaching space has a DCam
  • Every teaching space has a projector
  • Every teaching space has a multimedia speaker to project sound

In addition, in our 5 new schools opening in 07 & 08:
  • Every teaching space will have an Interactive whiteboard
  • Every teaching space will have an overhead mounted projector
  • Every teaching space will have an integrated sound field system.

And finally, none of the above would make any sense without quality staff development. 25 % of our tech bond budget has been allocated to classes for teachers taught by my fabulous staff!

Puyallup is indeed a great place to work; located between majestic Mt. Rainier and the beautiful Puget Sound & Pacific Ocean.

Check out our simple application process online.


  • It was a GREAT event! Puyallup is the place to be!

    By Anonymous R. Williams, at 6:52 PM  

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