Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pan O ramio

My fourth & final map/photo interface web app and last virtual field trip to Pioneer Park in Downtown Puyallup is accomplished using PanOramio.

PanOramio was the quickest and easiest map to set up. In addition to uploading pics to the google maps overlay it also has a Google Earth KML interface. This allows you to see the pics on Google Earth.

So there you have it JoeMap, Flagr, Wayfaring, & PanOramio.

Each has a flare of it's own.

My final analysis:
  • JoeMap is by far the hippest
  • Flagr has the best Web 2.0 feel
  • Wayfaring looks the most professional
  • PanOramio is the simplest to use.
I can see applications for each in the classroom.

Tomorrow I'll post an online survey to see which one you like?


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