Friday, February 10, 2006

Farewell Portland, Farewell Adina

Today’s schedule was action packed.

Microsoft’s Peer Coaching by Anne Allen & Shelee King George
Cool thing I learned: “The more powerful technology becomes, the more indispensable goog teachers are.” Fullan

The Podcasting Revolution by Karen Fasimpaur
Cool thing I learned: Audacity has some very cool features!

Google 301 by Patrick Crispin
Cool thing I learned: Google has a preference interface language selection of “Elmer Fudd”

How to Think Bigger While the World Gets Smaller by Hall Davidson
Cool thing I learned: Discovery Education was very smart in hiring Hall & it’s Hall not Hal.

The Geocaching Activity was a huge success! We’ll be set up in San Diego this July.

Special thanks to local Portland Cachers, pdxmarathonman, fractal, doodlecat, charliewhiskey you guys are awesome!
Check out Moutain Mule's blog regarding the conference.

Farewell Portland it was a fantastic conference!

And Finally, Farewell Adina Winstead, NCCE administrative assistant; congrats on your upcoming marriage and your move to Olympia, my correspondence with you over the last 2 years has always been pleasant, you will be missed.


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