Wednesday, February 15, 2006

He wasn't even there!

Last week I attended a session at NCCE in Portland and the presenter Conn McQuinn wasn't even there. Last summer, I attended several sessions at Alan November's Building Learning Communities Conference near Boston and I wasn't even there.

Conn used GoToMeeting & Skype while Alan posted the vodcasts of his conference on iTunes and I've watched them several times at my leisure.

Participating in a conference either at a Participant or as a Presenter just got a whole lot easier and cheaper.

I'm packing my bags for the TCEA conference in Texas courtesy of Miguel Guhlin.

What conference have you attended or presented at lately...without even being there?


  • "Packing your bags?" I thought you used a laundry basket!

    What about creating our First Time Blogger class as a vodcast?

    I wonder if anyone has some suggestions about an inexpensive-but effective- camera/microphone that can be used for vodcasts.

    By Blogger Betsy's Blog, at 8:46 AM  

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