Monday, February 13, 2006

Northwest Behind East Coast EduTechies?

Hall Davidson asked the question, "Who has made a podcast with kids?" to a auditorium full of 1,000 plus educators during his closing keynote at this year's NCCE conference in Portland last week...not one person raised their hand, not even me.

We did set up a NCCE conference blog, I'm unsure how many viewers we had.
We set up a Flickr Group site, only 3 members so far.
Few signs of Wiki's or Social Bookmarks were present; although I did use to organize a geocaching event for the conference.

Among the most popular sessions were the Blogs, Wiki and Podcast type workshops.

It seems to me that the Northwest is lagging behind the pack on these Web 2.0 technologies.

Am I wrong?


  • Glenn -

    They sure seem to be ahead of us in the one-to-one arena. You probably saw Wesley Fryer's post today about yet another governor pushing a one-to-one initiative. South Dakota and Texas seem to be the states furthest west on the list of those trying such programs.

    I think we really need to showcase these activities, with real kids. As you saw in my NCCE presentation, doing a presentation from far away is very, very simple now. Actually, the second story on Wesley's weblog today was just that - students presenting, from their classroom, to a group of educators. Don't you think NCCE needs a set of sessions like that for next year?


    By Anonymous Conn McQuinn, at 1:45 PM  

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