Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidents' Day

Maps & Presidents - Take a while to poke around on this map of the birthplaces of presidents and their wives (and 2nd wives in some cases). You can zoom in and switch to the satellite photograph of the actual neighborhood they grew up in.

The White House & Presidents - Great resource on all the presidents straight from the White House. Includes 360 degree video tour of the oval office. Also includes a kid version.

Objects from the Presidency - The National Museum of American History has "more than 900 artifacts related to the 42 men who have held our nation's highest office." If you can't make the trip to D.C. this site is an excellent alternative.

Presidential Libraries - These aren't libraries in the usual sense, FDR had a great idea here.

Secrets about the Presidents - PBS provides a sneak look at presidential secrets for kids. For instance, Bill Clinton is allergic to cat dander...Shhhh don't tell Socks.

See all of these and many more Presidential resources at FREE Federal Resources for Educational Excellence.


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