Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Last Friday we spent a couple hours working with Kevin Hasslinger the Director of the Online Development Center at the Puget Sound Educational Service District. I asked Kevin to teach 15 of our Master Teachers for the Intel Teach to the Future project how to use his product called SWIFT ~ Simplified Web Interface For Teachers.

We are piloting his product from now until June to determine if it will be the solution we've been looking for to post our Easy Grade Pro grades online and to easily have our teachers publish their own websites.

At first glance I think our teachers are gonna love this easy to use tool.

Take a look at our pilot sites.

You'll notice that Kevin has included tabs for announcements, discussion, documents, events, grades, homework, images, links, & quizzes.

The interface is very simple for teachers to use, just like the name implies.

I'm excited to see what our 150 teachers think of this tool this June.


  • Glenn I'm slow but I do poor work. I've check out the link to pilot sites and don't get it. You explain it to me next time I see u. On the the Treo front I've installed a free file manager and can now send you any file using any medium. I'll share when I check in with you. Its called "Filez" you can just google it. There are actually a bunch of file managers out there for the "Palm" which will work on the Treo, not all of them free. I've just started to scratch the surface on this one.

    BTW I've also found some software which allows you to print from the Treo either to an enabled printer or a fax.....too cool, still working ont he details. I'll try printing to our fax tommorrow.


    By Blogger Mountain Mule, at 11:42 PM  

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